IV International Forum YugTrans 2008: Dialog of the Maritime Powers

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Date: 02 – 05 September 2008

Type: conferences

Subject: Transport and logistics

Brand: YugTrans

IV International Forum “YugTrans – 2008: Dialog of the Maritime Powers” was held between the 2nd and the 5th of September 2008 in Istanbul (Turkey). The Forum is conducted under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the Russian Federation.

According to the statistical data the cargo volume handled at the ports of the southern basin has increased for the last 5 years by 1.4. However this index is not so promising upon a closer view and a number of questions arise from it, which solution influences directly dynamics of the future growth. Terminal traffic capacity can be increased by means of output modernization, loading equipment renovation, rear terminals advent playing a role of such a buffer at the junction of marine and other kinds of transport. It is worldwide practice to use a system of rear terminals or dry ports, it allows to increase efficacy of using transport infrastructure in the region.

Moreover incompatibility between the cargo traffic increase tendency and technical capabilities of accesses to Turkish ports and regulatory disputes injures economies of the maritime powers.

The goal of IV International Forum YugTrans-2008: Dialog of the Maritime Powers is consideration of the main directions of cooperation of the Black sea states regarding issues of port business development and cargo optimization in the region, coordination of maritime powers efforts as for state backing in transport industry.

The following themes were discussed at the Forum: specialties of the Black sea logistics, growing demand for a cargo traffic increase by means of port capacities modernization, development of multinational sea cargo traffic etc.

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