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  • Political Vector of Transporting Business
    • FTP “The Development of the Transport System of Russia (2010–2015)” in the context of construction of the Big Pan-European Water Ring: implementation problems and loading prospect
    • The new port facilities in Sochi and Eisk Region: Russia and Ukraine struggle for freight flow
    • The advantages and disadvantages of the major transport hubs’ development in the Azov-Black Sea basin if compared with the European seaport cities
    • The Caspian basin: the new ferry line prospect in the context of the transport corridor “North – South”
    • The Olya port: the issues of developed facilities loading
  • Development of Infrastructure Projects
    • The new freight facilities in Taman. The consequences of new dry-cargo region development.
    • The Kavkaz port: the consequences of the investment project implementation.
    • The customs obstacles for the Chinese freights. The development of the intermodal transport in contrast to the seaway.
    • The impact of purchase transaction of PJSC “Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port” to the development of the containerized and oil freight flows in the South basin.
    • The Kazakhstan grain terminal in Taman: the economic expediency.
    • The international composite lines: do the Ukrainian ports take the field and win?
    • Turkey and Bulgaria: the points of contact in the field of Ro/Ro freights.
    • The channel “Eurasia”: to be or not to be… The alternate project: Volgodon-2 – the ecological profile against the economical efficiency.
  • Logistics and Freight
    • The impact of the developed Customs Union to the freight growth in the region.
    • The geopolitics risks when implementing the major infrastructure projects in the South.
    • The key aspects of interaction between JSCo “RZD” and the port terminals.
    • The containerized freight infrastructure deficiency. The investment projects of development of the containerized terminals in the South.
    • The grain embargo: the risks insurance in future.
    • The contrailer freights: the ways to ensure the regular freight flow.
    • The specialized freight flows for the special-purpose terminals.
  • Regional Investments
    • The Chinese investments into the Kazakhstan railways: partners or competitors?
    • The Rostov-on-Don transportation center: the impact of the Olympics’ construction on the transportation and ecological processes of the region.
    • The regional projects of the auto and mainline railroad construction: way out of the crisis.
    • The joint projects of the Russia and Kazakhstan infrastructure development including the border development.
    • Russia – Turkey: the way to improve the export of the Russian profitable cargos.
    • The construction of the railway line Kazvin (Iran) — Resht (Iran) — Astara (Azerbaijan): when the long-expected volumes shall be provided?