Participation conditions

Information about event

Participation fee (March 17-18, 2011):

  • If registered and paid before December 31, 2010 – 690 euro
  • If registered and paid before February 20, 2011 – 790 euro
  • If registered and paid after February 20, 2011 – 890 euro.

  • If two or more representatives from one company are registered – 15%
  • For all permanent participants of the meetings of International Conferences – 10%
  • We can consider the individual conditions of participation if there is a group of the participants from one company.
  • SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER: Up to 31.12.2010 DOUBLE discount on everything!

For all participants a participation fee includes:

  • Participation on both days of the Forum (March 17-18);
  • coffee-breaks on both days;
  • dinners on both days;
  • promotional materials (a participant’s portfolio including all necessary Forum materials, a catalogue of participants with contacts, abstracts of speeches);
  • placement the information about a company and logotype in the catalogue and on the web:;
  • Gala Dinner;
  • excursion programs;
  • CD/DVD with Forum materials (available on request)

    Accommodation and additional cost are NOT included to the participation fee.

Cost of distance participation:

  • Placement the information about a company in the catalogue and attachment of advertising materials to a participant’s portfolio – 390 euro.
  • Placement of a full-colour advertising page (А4 sizes) in the Forum catalogue – 225 euro.
  • Forum materials on CD/DVD – 85 euro.
  • Placement of a booth at the Forum venue (the booth is provided by the Company) and accreditation of one representative for working at the booth (including lunch and coffee breaks – 2 days, without taking part in all Forum’s events) – 650 euro.

We can offer a special participation in the Forum on the individual conditions.