TransIT Conference

Information about event

For the first time in the framework of YugTrans, besides the planned events, there will be held a TransIT onference. The state support and business interest to intellectual transportation systems today are as evident as ever. That is quite understandable – the new stage of transport industry development sets even more complex and difficult tasks for each player in the transportation market.

Forward-looking managers are paying enough attention to the innovative development even now, and they are active in implementing information technologies in their companies. This process is complicated and is related to quite large money outlays, staff training, transfer into a new level of service providing, presence of a more “advanced” technical equipment... For that very reason the organizers of the International Transport Forum YugTrans-2011 decided to provide each participant of the event with an opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of the colleagues not to allow the same type of mistakes, to consult with experienced specialists and to choose an optimal course of IT implementation.

Visit TransIT onference and you will learn about:

  • the prospects of the development and communication systems integration and navigation in sea and river transport
  • newest developments for the transport industry
  • experience in using machines with nanotechnology
  • special features of new innovative product implementation for Russian transport
  • satellite navigation systems on automotive transport
  • innovative solutions in the field of transportation planning
  • implementation of managing systems as a way to increase the cargo turnover of the container terminal
  • intellectualization of the railway
  • systems of information security in transportation companies
  • foreign experience in the implementation of transport-logistical telematic systems

Information for TransIT speakers

We invite you to present a speech at TransIT Conference!

If you have interesting experience, knowledge and professional ambitions, we will be happy to see you as a speaker at our conference. Tell us about your projects, what difficulties you encountered, how you were able to overcome them, whether you are happy with the result, and if the result has justified your expectations.

If you are responsible for the innovative development of your company, if you have the experience in IIT implementation, and you are ready to share your conclusions with the audience, and ready to tell about the complexities and solving your colleagues relevant questions, join the professional transportation society during TransIT conference!

By becoming a speaker you will be able to:

  • Visit all sections of the International Transport Forum YugTrans-2011 and TransIT Conference
  • Recommend yourself as an educated professional in your trade
  • Get acquainted with the new projects of your colleagues
  • Make the necessary connections
  • Improve the dialogue with the partners
  • Receive relevant and fresh information
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience

We expect from the speakers:

  • Actual experience
  • Practical and effective advice
  • Expert evaluations
  • Analytical reviews and forecasts

In order to participate in TransIT Conference as a speaker:

  • Write us an email with your request to participate noting the following information:
    • Name of the speaker
    • Speaker job position
    • Company (name, contact information: phone, fax, email, site)
    • Speaker's participation in previous large events
    • Contact phone number, speaker's email
    • Speech topic
    • Short resume of the speech (under 500 characters)

  • Call us on the telephone: +7 (495) 646-01-51, +7 (812) 448-08-48 (Darya Ryabova)