VII International Transport Forum YugTrans-2011

Information about event

Information for Speakers

  • If You became interested in the issues of our Forum
  • If You are an expert in the transport market
  • If You have any questions that You would like to discuss with the specialists in the field, we invite You to make a report.

You can actively participate in discussions on topical and, at the present time, branch issues.

The Forum Organizing Committee undertakes the complexity and responsibility for preparation of such reports, but at the same time there is a number of essential advantages in making a report:

  • Taking floor will consolidate Your position as an expert in the transport field;
  • You can share Your own successful experience as well as Your company experience in the development of the transport branch;
  • You can prove Your organization to be a successful and dynamic organization that keeps the track of events and has valuable and up-to-date information;
  • You have an opportunity to discuss the issue You are interested in with the leading specialists in the branch, share opinions, establish important business contacts;
  • You will know the recent news, topical problems, secrets of development of the leading companies in the transport field;
  • You can get information on a wide range of issues in the transport field;
  • All speakers are entitled to visit all special events held during the conference;
  • All approved reports will be listed on the web-site of the conference and in a special collection of reports.

To make a report at the Forum, select an ideal for You way of filing an application:

  • Send us a letter to the mailbox with an application for participation and state the following information:
    • Speaker full name
    • Speaker position
    • Company (name, contact information: tel., fax, e-mail, web-site)
    • Speaker contact telephone number, e-mail
    • Subject of the report
    • Summary of the report (up to 500 chars)
  • Call us: (495) 646-01-51,(812) 448-08-48, (8617) 210-560