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Date: 08 – 09 September 2011

Type: conferences

Subject: Transport and logistics


on 8-9 September, 2011 at the HELIOPARK Kaiserhof Hotel in Kaliningrad.

Organizers: ICF-International Conferences

The information about the Events of 2009 and of 2010 is available here.


  • the Baltic region largest event on transportation: 2 days and more than 150 participants
  • the area’s independent site, traditional and accepted by all leading companies
  • actual projects, expertise and analysis
  • agenda of highest topicality, worked out in collaboration with leading experts and top-managers of the industry




The Forum’s advantages:

  • personal involvement
  • highly topical issues
  • latest tendencies and achievements of the industry
  • new projects and logistic solutions
  • close attention from business and specialized media
  • views on the Baltic region transport of the leaders of famous companies

The AGENDA views:

  • perspectives of international co-operation in the transportation area
  • ways of the seaborne freight development in the Baltic region
  • railway freight development ‑ hampering points
  • ways of the transit shipment development

Our participants’ COMMENTS:

Sergei Ivanov
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the Russian Government's Maritime Collegium:

“Aimed at burning issues of the transportation area development in the Baltic region, the Event proves to be one of the highest topicality. It is my strong belief that the Baltic Transport Forum, which embraces a wide range of important points, can become very efficient – through united professional effort of the Event’s participants ‑ in elaborating those solutions which will make the position of Russia in the Baltic region stronger.”

Igor Levitin
Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

“The necessity to hold the Baltic Transport Forum is conditioned by that importance its issues are about, as well as the importance of the Russian North-West transport system development. The Forum’s outcome will be very useful in elaboration of interaction and development projects for all the parts of the Regional transport system.”

Kaspars Gerhards
Minister of Transport of Latvia (2010)

“The Forum is a perfect opportunity for experts and other people involved into the industry to meet and discuss important issues of the transportation area, and to evaluate the influence of the global economic process on the industry development as a whole.”

Alexander Davydenko
Head of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport, Russia

“Issues of the Forum are interesting for all those involved into the process of transportation, the Event appears to be very helpful for further development of the transport infrastructure in the Region, for increasing investment attractiveness of the Region and for elaborating new logistic layouts.”

Vyatcheslav Popov
Chairman of The Council of the Federation Commission for National Maritime Policy

“Issues of the Forum are of great significance for the marine branch in particular, and for Russia large. The Forum enables to size up the conditions of the branch, what will contribute a lot to practical solutions.”

Gennady Petrakov
Head of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport (Roszheldor)

“I am sure the Baltic Transport and Logistics Forum will become another step on the way to perfect solutions and new goals.”

Igor Rusu
Director General of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “ROSMORPORT”

“The Baltic Transport and Logistics Forum provides a great opportunity to come to most favorable decisions in strengthening competitiveness and in developing the transportation field of the Russian North-West.”