V Telecommunication Forum INTERCOM-2011

Information about event

V Telecommunication Forum INTERCOM-2011 takes place in St. Petersburg on December 8-9. The organizers of anniversary event prepared for the participants a special program and some interesting innovations. This year all forum participants have the opportunity to personally influence with the development of themes and forum sections – in the community of the Forum you will be able to interactively make suggestions and comments on the program, ask a question and vote for your favorite section.

Also you will dive in informal communication with colleagues and partners at an evening cocktail party on the occasion of the anniversary forum INTERCOM: for the first time the event organizers offer to delegates in addition an intensive business program attractive informal part.

Another interesting option is an exhibition where you can demonstrate your latest developments and meet with colleagues attainments.

In the frame of INTERCOM program will be affected the most significant events in the telecom community of the year - "stars" of the industry traditionally will provide the most relevant and current business information.

 And as always INTERCOM-2011 is:

  • one of the largest professional event in the Russian telecom
  • independent platform recognized by the leading companies in the sector market
  • traditional ending of the year the telecom industry
  • professional communication and presentation of the leading industry experts
  • experience of real projects, expert evaluations and analytics
  • relevant program written in conjunction with the telecom experts

We invite you to join the event and get a lot of useful knowledge and pleasant experience!

Мы приглашаем Вас присоединиться к работе мероприятия и получить массу полезных знаний и приятных впечатлений!

Участники Форума Интерком-2009.gifУчастники Форума Интерком-2009.gifВ компании «ВымпелКом» одним из наиболее.JPG

Интерком-2009.gifСтенд Генерального спонсора Форума - компании Ростелеком.gifДень начался круглым столом «Региональный ШПД.JPG

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Президиум секции Современные тенденции и перспективы рынков фиксированной и мобильной связи.gifВыступление с ключевым докладом Петра Акульшина.gifВыступление Виталия Козлова.gif