10th Anniversary International Transport Forum "YugTrans-2014"

Information about event

The 10th Anniversary International Transport Forum “YugTrans-2014” will be held in Sochi on the 27th-28th of March 2014.Over the years of its existence YugTrans hosted guests in Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and Istanbul.

2014 is a milestone year for Russia and we decided to hold the 10th Anniversary Forum in the capital of the XXII Olympic Winter Games – Sochi. Since 2007 the entire world has kept track how this outstanding event is being prepared for. One of the key factors of a successful preparation and holding the Olympic Games is, without doubt, the transport infrastructure. In order to assess the scale of the executed works, discuss the future of the transport branch of the entire Southern region and meet experts in the various areas of the transport branch, heads of state and commercial organizations, stevedore and railway companies, cargo owners and forwarders, we would like to invite You to the 10th International Transport Forum “YugTrans-2014” that will be held in Sochi.

YugTrans is the largest international forum in the area of transport at the South of Russia


  • Development of the transport infrastructure of the South: how to achieve the balance between demands and capabilities
  • Ports at the South of Russia: growth points and international competition
  • Railway logistics: infrastructure projects and open issues
  • International and local motor transportation market: cargo flows and prospects
  • Sochi transport infrastructure objects: international post-Olympian experience and future of Sochi infrastructure
  • Profitable passenger flow: prospective for the development of the passenger transportation business at the South of Russia

Only the most important information and business contacts at a private meeting with chief executives

YugTrans -2014 is a unique club forum uniting leaders of transport companies, cargo owners, public authorities and related companies to discuss key issues of the business.

Owners and heads of companies and state agencies having interests in the transport branch were among the main participants of “YugTrans” for 8 years

Most companies participating in “YugTrans” are transport and logistics companies as well as representatives of governmental authorities responsible for the transport branch

The results of a poll show that 97% respondents are interested in participation in future “YugTrans” events.

Opinions about YugTrans

Dmitry Rogozin, the Vice-Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Maritime Collegium of the Government of the Russian Federation

“I hope that the forum results will facilitate working out constructive proposals concerning future development of the area under current conditions and that, without doubt, will allow to strengthen positions of the South of Russia in the international transport system.”

Maxim Sokolov, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

“I suppose that holding the Forum will help representatives of commercial structures and public authorities to find answers to the most urgent questions in the area of transport. I wish a successful and fruitful work in the area of development of the transport branch of the South of Russia to participants of “YugTrans” Forum!”

Alexander Davydenko, the head of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport

“Traditionally this Forum is an incentive to a fruitful discussion of issues related to infrastructure development, investment climate enhancement and strengthening of the export policy of the region as well as cooperation in the area of international cargo transportation”

Following the results of each Forum

The organizing committee develops a resolution that is sent to state and commercial institutions responsible for transport development in Russia and the countries having accesses to the Black Sea, the Azov Sea and the Caspian Sea to work out the most important for the branch solutions.

Since 2008 the Forum is held with the official support of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport.

Forum events receive wide coverage in federal and regional mass media and that provides the event with a wide response in the professional area.

Powerful information support

Over 400 announcements including advertisements, press-releases, articles and interviews are published before the beginning of the event.

The total reach of media partners exceeds 700 thousand people.

On an average 3.2 publications are released as a result of participation of one accredited journalist at “YugTrans” with a high coefficient of mentioning the companies actively participating at the forum – speakers and sponsors

Unique sponsorship packages

Sponsorship packages of “YugTrans” Forum mean face-to-face communication and 100% admission to the audience of top managers and owners of the transport branch.


  • the largest international event in the area of transport at the South of Russia
  • top managers and owners of the companies interested in the transport branch
  • heads of federal and regional authorities taking key solutions
  • traditional opening of the year
  • 2 days, specialized conferences and roundtables, a sight-seeing program
  • speeches of leading experts and professionals in the branch
  • real projects experience, expert estimates and analytics
  • an up-to-date program, the most urgent issues and live discussions
  • informal communication